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Cross-Platform Virtualization

Virtualization unlocks critical resources — and creates new business value
Whereas in traditional IT infrastructures resources such as processing power, memory and networking bandwidth are tied to specific hardware that is dedicated to delivering services, virtualization allows these resources to be pooled more centrally and used more efficiently in real time. But as organizations move away from a standard platform for their applications and services, it becomes important for them to consider how to virtualize their entire hardware and software stack while giving IT managers and administrators the ability to access, deliver and manage these resources simply and efficiently.

Virtualization unlocks critical resources — and creates new business value

Once [IT infrastructure] resources have been virtualized, they can be centrally pooled, and then allocated across the infrastructure whenever and wherever they're needed.

Guru Rao, IBM Fellow & VP, STG Development, India and South Asia

What is Cross-Platform Virtualization?

Cross-platform virtualization refers to a set of capabilities IBM provides to organizations that enables them to:

Currently IBM is the only IT provider that offers a complete range of computational platforms as well as a complete range of virtualizations solutions that can be managed from one point of control. Cross-Platform Virtualization expert Guru Rao explains this in more detail in his post on the Smarter Computing Blog.

Why is Cross-Platform Virtualization so important?

How can IBM help you with Cross-Platform Virtualization?

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Meet the Cross-Platform Virtualization expert

Guru Rao

IBM Fellow & VP of STG Development, India and South Asia

About Guru

Dr. Rao is an IBM Fellow at the Systems & Technology Group with responsibility for establishing the technical direction for IBM’s Enterprise Systems. He was formerly Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Rice University.

On the Smarter Computing Blog: Cross-Platform Virtualization

  • Cross-Platform Virtualization expert Guru Rao explains how increased virtualization across the IT infrastructure has created the need for effective management of virtual IT resources

Resources for Cross-Platform Virtualization


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