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Optimize your mission-critical workloads. Redeploy on IBM Systems.

Are your workloads and systems merely delivering to required service levels, when you need them to perform far beyond the status quo? If so, ask yourself if you have the right systems for the right workloads.

The answer is to optimize your core workloads through redeployment. By reviewing your workloads and optimizing them on the system designed to best run them, you can:

IBM has the systems that are right for your specific industry workloads: Enterprise SAP Solutions and IBM PowerLinux™ Solutions

IBM Enterprise
SAP Solutions

The ideal choice for critical SAP workloads

Improve your business efficiency by redeploying your critical SAP workloads on an IBM Enterprise SAP system. You can increase your flexibility and responsiveness to clients while reducing the impact on your budget. IBM Enterprise SAP Solutions provide:

For more on saving money by moving workloads:

PowerLinux solutions

The new standard for an open source infrastructure

With solutions that are deeply optimized, using IBM and ISV domain knowledge, PowerLinux™ Solutions offer you:

Redeploy your workloads on Power Systems™ and capture the cost savings advantages of Linux, open source infrastructure software and PowerVM® virtualization. With POWER7® performance and software, you can deliver services faster with proven reliability and with up to 20 percent fewer servers to manage.

For more on PowerLinux solutions:

IBM Storwize V7000 with IBM Real-time Compression

With data growing at an alarming rate, many companies are dealing with storage capacities that are stretched to their limits. Does your organization have a solid storage system that can withstand the strain from mounting volumes of information?

IBM® Storwize® V7000 with Real-time Compression™ can help you store up to five times as much data in the same physical disk space. It compresses data in real-time—by as much as 80%. And unlike traditional compression methods, this innovative technology is designed to be used with active primary data such as production databases and email applications.

There are more reasons why IBM can help you take storage efficiency to new levels. Read the Edison Group white paper and see how IBM Storwize V7000 can radically enhance storage optimization.

IBM Real-time Compression Guarantee

Discover how you can save 50% of your storage capacity with your first IBM Storwize V7000 system, guaranteed. Call IBM: 1-866-883-8901, Priority code: 101J413W.

Optimized application performance with integration by design. IBM PureFlex System.

There are key, critical workloads and applications that almost every organization depends on each day. Many IT managers find that large portions of their IT budgets are consumed just to maintain these workloads, keep up with capacity demands and deliver on their service commitments. They find that to meet peak workload demands, they must "overprovision" with additional physical and virtual resources to avoid slow performance levels.

If your critical applications are not meeting your business demands, consider optimizing your infrastructure. Move your critical business applications to the right system to streamline performance and accelerate results faster than ever before.

IBM's expert integrated PureFlex™ System is the ideal solution. This next-generation system is integrated by design across all physical and virtual resources, software and management to provide an optimized solution stack. And it helps you ensure the availability of your business-critical applications by intelligently and automatically reallocating resources to handle demand spikes.

IBM PureFlex System, as part of the IBM PureSystems™ family of expert integrated systems, has built-in expertise, is integrated by design and provides a simplified experience. It delivers:

For more on how IBM PureFlex™ System can help improve the performance of your applications through optimization: