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Simplifying IT with IBM Enterprise Linux Server and IBM Power Systems.

If your virtual infrastructure isn't keeping pace with the demands of your business, then now's the time to consider moving up to enterprise class IT. IBM® Enterprise Class solutions are designed to handle hundreds of workloads concurrently, co-locating production, test and development activities while scaling dynamically to meet demand. By consolidating hundreds of workloads on fewer, more powerful servers, you'll save money and:

IBM Enterprise
Linux Servers

Efficiency of one. Flexibility of many.

The IBM Enterprise Linux Server allows for efficient consolidation of diverse server environments. This can help you improve business flexibility, simplify system management, and support unmatched security. It also provides cost savings of up to 50%, and Linux virtual image resources for as little as 70 cents a day1. So if you have a Linux strategy in place, we invite you to explore what IBM has to offer. For more on consolidating Linux with IBM, read the complimentary IDC analyst white paper on Enterprise Linux consolidation with IBM.

Power Systems

Performance redefined.

Enterprise organizations with a need to simplify operations and improve business benefits through workload consolidation should consider IBM Power Systems™. Why? They can consolidate hundreds of compute-intensive workloads while reducing operating expenses, software and hardware licensing, and maintenance costs. They lower risk by addressing security, privacy and data retention. And, with industrial strength virtualization capabilities in PowerVM®, you can dynamically move resources where they're needed most while controlling server and virtual image sprawl. For more on consolidating UNIX and x86 workloads with IBM Power Systems, read the complimentary IDC analyst white paper "IBM Power Systems and Their Support for Business Resiliency in Challenging IT Environments".

1 IBM calculations of zEnterprise limits across maximum EC12 configuration. Results may vary. 5-Year Total IT Cost.

Create multiple virtual environments for workloads with IBM eX5

When server sprawl and the challenges that come with it are getting in the way of your data center's performance, virtualize your infrastructure to overcome the complexity. By virtualizing your infrastructure you can create a computing environment that is optimized for performance, reduces costs and increases adaptability.

IT managers can simplify their computing environment by dividing a system into multiple virtual environments to ensure workloads are:

If you’re experiencing server sprawl, rising costs and growing inefficiencies, consider virtualization with IBM eX5 systems.

IBM eX5 enterprise systems, featuring the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family, provide breakthrough innovation for smarter computing.

The IBM PureFlex System

For customers whose infrastructure has grown too complex, whose staff and budget are dedicated to "keeping the lights on" or whose deployment times are stretching into month-long exercises, the PureFlex™ System could be the solution. PureFlex delivers integrated compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure system, so you can reduce infrastructure management costs and speed up deployment.

As part of the IBM PureSystems™ family of expert integrated systems, the PureFlex System provides:

Built-in expertise

Top-to-bottom automated management, from the infrastructure to the application

Integration by design

Integrated hardware and software delivered in one ready-to-go, workload-optimized system

A simplified experience

Every part of the IT lifecycle is made easier

This complete, integrated and purpose-built system not only reduces complexity and increases flexibility, but it also enables you to:

Perhaps best of all, it's easy to set up, use and manage. It's built-in, automated management module provides a real-time view of system status through a single interface. So if complexity is getting in the way of your infrastructure's performance, see how IBM can help with the PureFlex System.