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Making workloads work.

Optimize your workloads for Smarter Computing

Today, a one-size-fits-all approach to IT no longer works. Workload demands are growing while budgets are tightening more than ever—placing greater challenges on your infrastructure. It's also been estimated that 83 percent of servers are under-utilized by more than 50 percent.1 Clearly, it's crucial you have the right systems running the right workloads.

IBM® can help you assess and maximize your IT infrastructure's potential to specifically meet your business and industry-specific workload requirements. By leveraging systems that are uniquely designed to run your workloads—from the architecture of the processor to the functions of the application layer—you can meet your organization's IT demands and control costs.

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Patterns of adoption

Workload optimization through consolidation

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Tighter budgets are requiring many organizations to take a piecemeal approach to deploying IT solutions. The typical challenges IT managers face are related to IT complexity, sprawl and out-of-control costs.

If your organization is experiencing some or all of these challenges, then consolidation of your IT infrastructure can help you reduce your total cost of ownership and transform your IT economics. With IBM's uniquely tuned systems, you can do more with less by simplifying your IT infrastructure and:

  • Reduce costs
  • Contain server sprawl
  • Manage data center complexity
  • Enable workload growth and streamline management
  • Improve your response time and agility
  • Prepare for cloud services

More often than not, new workloads are addressed in a piecemeal manner resulting not only in more complexity, but also an increase in costs. Analyst Adrian J. Bowles, CEO of SIG411, explains how continued workload consolidation and automated optimization can significantly improve performance and transform IT economics.

Optimizing workloads for performance and profit

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Review your IT infrastructure to determine how your current and future workloads can run more efficiently and at a higher performance level.

IBM offers a range of systems and storage solutions that are optimized for different workloads. With them you can redeploy existing workloads to the right systems and:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve workload performance
  • Improve storage efficiency
  • Meet customer service levels as demand grows

Analyst Adrian J. Bowles describes workload optimization as an ongoing process that considers the balance of price and performance. As an example, he cites one Fortune 500 insurance company for its impressive accomplishments: 90 percent server utilization, 50 percent hosting cost reduction and 80 percent reduced licensing costs.


Deploy new workloads

Deploying new workloads provides the perfect opportunity to explore next-generation systems that can fundamentally change both the experience and economics of IT. Our newest class of expert integrated systems combines the flexibility of general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. DeepQA systems (think “Watson”) integrate natural language processing with predictive root-cause analysis to redefine the role of IT. With these advanced systems you can:

  • Radically simplify the delivery of IT
  • Deploy new applications and services more rapidly
  • Accelerate time to value with embedded expertise

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