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A Smarter Planet

Smarter Computing

The IT infrastructure that enables a Smarter Planet

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Smarter Computing Blog perspectives

Smarter Computing is an IT framework - and an ongoing process - that helps you improve the efficiency and benefits of your IT infrastructure. IBM started its own path to Smarter Computing more than 10 years ago, transitioning from decentralized IT to an infrastructure that is now tuned to the task, designed for data and managed with cloud technologies. We invite you to read the commentary and perspectives about the Smarter Computing process shared by IBM experts and analysts and to explore how to maximize, optimize and transform IT now ... together.

Smarter Computing Breakthroughs: Information integration is about what is and what may be. Dan Wolfson explains.
Smarter Computing in action: How did Acxiom deliver five times the performance at 15 times less cost? Smarter Computing.
Smarter Computing Blog: Innovation is propelling a new era. Uncover more on the Smarter Computing Blog.

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What is Smarter Computing

Smarter Computing is the IT infrastructure that enables a Smarter Planet

Designed for data

The era of Smarter Computing requires an IT infrastructure that is designed for data and capable of delivering insights in milliseconds

Tuned to the task

Growing demands and tight budgets are causing IT infrastructures to struggle. It's crucial you have the right systems running the right workloads.

Managed with cloud server technologies

Only IBM offers cloud server technologies to support any cloud project

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