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A Smarter Planet

Smarter Computing

The IT infrastructure that enables a Smarter Planet

Smarter Computing

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What is Smarter Computing?

Imagine an IT infrastructure that:

  • Leverages the cloud to speed time to market and improve efficiency
  • Unlocks the power of big data to deliver more actionable insight
  • Provides security to protect critical information and reduce risk

You don’t have to imagine this.
It can be your reality with Smarter Computing.

Why Smarter Computing?

data graphic The majority of IT
budget is devoted to
operations and maintenance

Digital content will
nearly quadruple
by 2015

But with the right infrastructure, IT leaders can meet
these challenges while keeping their data secure.

How to get started.

As a CIO, you must identify how to:

  • Speed time to market and improve efficiency
  • Deliver more actionable insight
  • Protect critical information and reduce risk

To be competitive, you must meet all three requirements―and
integrate those individual solutions into a cohesive whole.

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Innovation to put data to work.

Announcing Power Systems for bigger data demands in the cloud

IBM introduces first-gen systems built on POWER8 for scale-out infrastructures, improved cloud economics, and the world's first server ecosystem using Linux and open standards. Standardise data centers on a single virtualization technology - and build a better cloud.

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Attend Edge2014, the premier event for infrastructure innovation

May 19-23, learn how to simplify, accelerate and deliver IT

Edge2014 brings together technology and industry leaders and practitioners to sharpen their expertise and share IT infrastructure best practices. Listen to IBM experts and visit the Solution Center for access to the latest IBM systems.

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IBM Mainframe: Make the Extraordinary Possible

Announcing zEnterprise offerings for a new era of cloud

Unleash the power of z/VM virtualization, improve productivity, simplify management and accelerate the journey to cloud with the IBM Wave for z/VM and enhanced Enterprise Linux Server. At 50 years old, the mainframe remains the premier trusted computing platform, and continues to deliver technology to address the challenges of the digital era.

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  • Announcement Announcement
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  • Click to view zEnterprise slide zEnterprise


Blog author Doug Brown
Managing disruption. Designing the future of IT.

Posted by Doug Brown

In this increasingly complex environment, core business systems and consumer systems are both vital to businesses and cannot run on independent paths. CIOs and IT Architects need to evaluate their IT infrastructure in light of the need for integration of these two types of business systems and based on the growing criticality of customer-facing systems.

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Blog author Colin Parris Gopal
25 years of IBM i innovation

Posted by Colin Parris

Through the collaborative efforts of our clients, Business Partners and ISVs, IBM i has helped to create a new wave on innovation that continues today. Businesses invested in a system that—through integration— promised it would be easy-to-use and offer low cost of operations. A system that promised investment protection for applications whatever new technologies might emerge.

Continue reading »

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