As an IT leader, you need to identify how to:

Smarter Computing offers real solutions

At IBM, our purpose is to deliver clients an IT infrastructure that is ready now for what’s next.

We do this by providing organizations with a unique combination of systems, software and services that deliver the industry’s broadest set of IT capabilities.

IBM’s support of IT infrastructure innovation is virtually unmatched. Not only are we working closely with business and technology leaders to plot the future of computing, but we are also investing in software development, services, and research teams that are continuously re-inventing the future of IT.

And we stand ready to partner with you and support you in this journey.

Discover how several of our clients are using IBM Smarter Computing solutions to create competitive advantages, provide more customer value and increase their bottom line.

Founded in 2011 as a joint venture of seven Spanish banks, Bankia wanted to become one of the most competitive and trusted financial groups in Spain. Bankia’s strategy was to win the information war to improve business operational decisions and provide superior customer service.

The City and County of Honolulu needed to increase transparency to support citizen access to government information. The city’s goals were to improve community involvement, services and efficiency.

Park Nicollet needed to improve the quality of care for its patients by implementing a new electronic medical record system and new servers capable of supporting advanced analytics.

Precise placement of a wind turbine can affect its performance and its useful life. For Vestas, the world’s largest wind energy company, gaining new business depended on responding quickly and delivering business value.

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