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The IT infrastructure that enables a Smarter Planet

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Build a secure and scalable cloud server and cloud storage infrastructure

More than 70 percent of the typical corporate IT budget is tied up in operations and maintenance. Cloud server technologies and cloud storage systems can speed time to market and provide the efficiency you need so you can invest in your business.

60% of CIOs ranked cloud computing as high priority in their visionary plans – up from 33% in 2009. (2011 IBM CIO Study)

IBM server technologies and storage systems can support your cloud infrastructure

80% of new applications will be distributed/deployed via the cloud.

Source: IDC, IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020, Doc #231720, December 2011

IBM delivers a combination of capabilities as a foundation for your efficient, security-rich cloud infrastructure. IBM is a leader in advanced virtualization capabilities to support a cloud infrastructure. The latest IBM systems are designed to improve utilization and productivity so you can lower costs for your private cloud.

IBM cloud servers and storage systems give you these industry-leading benefits:

Enterprise systems

IBM zEnterprise: efficiency at scale

Support superior IT economics with shared resources and consolidation of IT resources.

IBM Power Systems: dynamic efficiency

Get the most out of your IT cloud resources with intelligent, workload-based resource allocation.

Enterprise systems

IBM PureSystems: built for cloud

Get fully integrated compute, storage and networking resources and deploy your cloud infrastructure in minutes.

Enterprise systems

IBM Smarter Storage: efficiency and scalability

Virtualize and automate your storage to meet challenges of scale, cost and management.

IBM SmartCloud: Rethink IT. Reinvent Business.

SmartCloud enables enterprises to achieve new levels of innovation and efficiency

IBM SmartCloud

Explore our cloud technologies and services for building and using private, public and hybrid clouds.

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IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

IBM’s public cloud self-service IaaS delivers enterprise-class services, low costs and no licensing fees.

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Increase flexibility and reduce the complexity and costs of IT

Manage your infrastructure with cloud server and storage technologies from IBM

One size no longer fits all

Tune your system to the task with IBM optimized systems

Enterprise Systems Perspectives: Cloud Ready

Leverage cloud to speed time to market and improve efficiency

Design, build, and manage an optimized infrastructure

Scalable, flexible, and ready for cloud

Optimize your infrastructure with IBM Global Technology services

Learn how you can make your infrastructure more agile, reduce costs and meet increasing web demands

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Adobe Systems uses virtualization and IBM Power to manage an evolving business model

Adobe drives business success, achieves Smarter Computing

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