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Anticipate your next move with the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator

Working smarter is all about having the right information, at the right time, to drive the right business outcomes. While analytics is the key to opening the doors to valuable insights, it can only be effective when performed quickly, with data that is relevant and actionable.

By integrating analytics into daily business functions, you can quickly and continuously uncover insights, leading to smarter decision making.

The IBM® DB2® Analytics Accelerator can help by taking the wait out of data analysis and giving your organization the speed it needs to anticipate and act upon business insights. In fact, its “train of thought” analysis capability delivers up to 2,000x faster performance, even for your longest data queries.1

With the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator running on the System z® platform, and the speed and cost efficiency of an appliance powered by Netezza technology, you get:

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