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A Smarter Planet

Smarter computing

The IT infrastructure that enables a Smarter Planet

Optimizing systems with enterprise modernization

Smarter computing means leveraging existing investments as you transform IT

It means carefully considering what aspects of your technology landscape you can reuse to maximize value to the organization. As a critical element of Smarter Computing, the enterprise modernization approach is one of the incremental improvements that help revitalize and modernize applications.

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How enterprise modernization helps you

  • Identifies which applications can be modernized and re-used

  • Improves the flexibility of applications and services

  • Creates dynamic business solutions that establish strong application infrastructure through the use of enhanced software for SOA environments

  • Creates compact, multi-platform development spaces

  • Connects people and processes through application lifecycle

  • Builds new, smarter applications using compilers

How enterprise modernization can improve efficiency

  • Optimizes investments that have already been made

  • Delivers real-time information via the web and smartphone

  • Provies an integrated, collaborative environment to help you gain relevant business insights

  • Drives down the cost of innovation