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Smarter computing

The IT infrastructure that enables a Smarter Planet

TCCT grows with IBM XIV

Thailand's #1 SAP hosting provider builds a high-performing, resilient cloud platform with XIV (04:56min)

Optimised systems | Video

XIV is 1st in price-performance

Storage Performance Council rates IBM XIV #1 for analytics applications (PDF, 78KB)

Optimised systems | Exec. summary

XIV is built for Tier 1 apps (US)

See how IBM XIV addresses customer needs for Tier 1 storage in this IDC analyst paper Premium content — register

Optimised systems | Analyst paper

IBM XIV "to go"

Monitor IBM XIV storage capacity, health and performance from your iPhone and iPad (01:01min)

Optimised systems | Video

Smarter computing: Tune your system to the task

Growing demands and budget constraints are causing IT infrastructures to struggle. It's crucial to have the right systems running the right workloads. In fact, 83 percent of servers in the market were running at less than 50 percent utilisation in 2011.1 It's clear a one-size-fits-all approach to IT simply no longer works.

IBM can help maximise your IT infrastructure's potential by tuning systems to unique domain knowledge—healthcare, retail, banking—and workload characteristics. A system that's designed for the distinct and unique requirements of your workloads from the physics of the processor up through the functioning of the application layer. So you can meet your organisation's IT demands and control costs.

Explore our patterns of adoption to learn more.

Patterns of adoption


Consolidate workloads to improve economics

Are budgets requiring you to take a piecemeal approach to deploying IT solutions? Is your challenge related to complexity and sprawling IT? Are your IT costs spiraling out of control?

Consolidation of your IT infrastructure can help you reduce your total cost of ownership and transform your IT economics. With IBM's uniquely-tuned systems, you can do more with less by simplifying your IT infrastructure and:

  • Reduce costs
  • Contain server sprawl
  • Manage data centre complexity
  • Enable workload growth, streamline management
  • Improve your response time and agility
  • Prepare for cloud services

Client example

Nattura Labs (US)

30 percent TCO reduction


Optimise existing workloads to improve performance

You can re-evaluate your infrastructure to determine how your current and future workloads can run more efficiently and to a higher performance level.

IBM offers a range of systems and storage solutions that are optimised for different domain-specific workloads. With them you can redeploy existing workloads to the right systems and:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve workload performance
  • Improve storage efficiency
  • Meet customer service levels as demand grows

Client example

Nationwide Insurance (US)

$15 million savings


Deploy new workloads

Deploying new workloads provides the perfect opportunity to explore next-generation systems that can fundamentally change both the experience and economics of IT. Our newest class of expert integrated systems combines the flexibility of general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. DeepQA systems (think “Watson”) integrate natural language processing with predictive root-cause analysis to redefine the role of IT. With these advanced systems you can:

  • Radically simplify the delivery of IT
  • Deploy new applications and services more rapidly
  • Accelerate time to value with embedded expertise

Client example

Primerica (US)

Servicing 2.4M+ customers

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