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What is Smarter Computing?

Smarter Computing is IBM's approach to IT innovation in an information-centric era. It helps IT leaders seize the opportunities of a smarter planet by thinking differently about the way their organizations can unleash innovation through the cloud, unlock the power of data, and safeguard the security of critical information and business processes.

The time is now for CIOs to:

  • Leverage Cloud to speed time to market and improve efficiency
  • Unlock the Power of Big Data to deliver more actionable insight
  • Secure critical information to reduce risk and simplify compliance

Why Smarter Computing?

On a Smarter Planet, the boundaries of IT are no longer clear. The number of connected devices and the amount of data you collect from them are growing at extraordinary rates. This is a great challenge to CIOs as expectation from IT increase.

Cloud Ready
Cloud Ready

A cloud ready infrastructure speeds time to market and improves efficiency

Data Ready
Data Ready

A data ready infrastructure delivers more actionable insight

Security Ready
Security Ready

A security ready infrastructure helps comply, reduce risk, and protect

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How to get started.

IBM's purpose is to deliver clients an IT infrastructure that is Tomorrow Ready.

IBM offers a unique combination of systems, software and services through the broader range of capabilities. IBM capabilities, delivered through a choice of deployment models optimized to your business needs to achieve your transformation objectives.

Available through a choice of delivery models:

  • Build traditional infrastructure yourself using industry leading components
  • Leverage a partner to design, build and/or run your infrastructure for you using Managed Services
  • Consume as a service through the Cloud

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Cloud computing

Big data and analytics

Data and application security (US)

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The IT choices you make about your infrastructure matter.

Decisions about the foundation of your compute, network and storage environment can transform your enterprise.

Announcing IBM solutions for cloud, data and analytics

See how new and enhanced IBM systems and storage solutions help you make the right choices for an IT infrastructure designed for the rigors of today's workloads.

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Give your IT infrastructure a break(through).

View the webcast to learn about new and enhanced IBM systems and storage solutions designed to accelerate innovation

Tune in

IBM leaders and industry experts share insight into infrastructure choices that matter to your business. You'll hear about x86 advancements with Intel Xeon(R) processors, flash technologies and more - all designed to drive higher efficiency, improve decision support and boost performance.

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Capitalize on cloud, big data and analytics

The decisions you make today about your infrastructure go beyond rethinking IT; they have the potential to reinvent your business.

Infrastructure choices matter

The right IT strategy, systems and storage can help you make the most of cloud delivery systems and capitalize on big data, analytics, mobile and social workloads to drive innovation.

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