General contact information

General inquiries

Tel: +593 2-3954 500 (Quito)
+59 34 215 8426 (Guayaquil)

Tel: +59 32 256-5090

IBM del Ecuador C.A.
Diego de Almagro N32-48 y Whimper

1English only during off shift hours
2coverage 08-19X5


Technical support

Electronic service requests can be submitted for hardware or software under warranty or with a support contract. IBM Hardware Support and Software Support
(Operating Systems, WebSphere, Information Management, Tivoli, & Rational)
Toll: +593 2-3954 500 OPTION 4-1
Toll free: 1-800-000-222
Toll Free Backup*:  1-800-000-411
* The Toll Free Backup only will available if the main Toll Free 1-800-000-222 is not Available

IBM Lotus Software Support
Toll : 1-978-899-9159 (Spanish)1
Toll free: AT&T Direct: 1-800-225-528 then dial 800-595-63811

IBM System X Hardware Support
1-800-000-222 option 2-1-1

Lenovo Support for personal computers
( thinkpad & thinkcentre )*Applies only for machines under warranty.
Toll free: 1-800-426911 OPCION 1
Soporte al cliente Contratos, facturas, estado de pedidos, pagos e inventarios.