IBM Expands Big Data Portfolio in India with New Predictive Intelligence Software

IBM (NYSE: IBM (US)), today announced the launch of IT Operations Analytics in India, a new category of software which leverages both cognitive computing and predictive analytics to help companies more easily predict and respond to opportunities and challenges hidden in data. The new software will help a company predict future outcomes, search and discover, and optimize its IT infrastructure by unlocking insights within the data generated by systems, files, databases and servers.

Today, organizations are increasingly faced with managing a complex IT system of servers, networks and applications. Combined with the proliferation of mobile and cloud computing environments, these systems can generate more than 1.3 terabytes of data per day, including log files, software error alerts, IT service tickets and network configuration updates. This can result in more than one million "events" or system alerts per day, some of which are critical to performance and others that are irrelevant, which can bog down systems administrators.

"IBM has a rich heritage of innovation in applying analytics to numerous areas and industries. Now, we are extending that expertise to IT Operations data," said Omkar Nimbalkar, Director, Cloud, Smarter Infrastructure & Security Software, India Software Labs, IBM India, "By applying cognitive intelligence to clients’ IT infrastructure, they’re now able to gain valuable insights from Big Data, instead of just focusing on how to cope with its volume. This access to real-time knowledge can help predict and prevent IT downtime, improve productivity and generate cost savings, and is something no other vendor can provide."

There are three new offerings in the IT Operations Analytics family. The first, IBM SmartCloud Analytics - Predictive Insights, captures IT operations data (which most businesses currently typically discard or archive) and sifts through it in real time, spotting trends which are critical to network performance. The cognitive capabilities in the software learn, reason and sense an organization’s IT systems. As business and performance conditions change, the software adapts, updating settings and eliminating inadvertent but costly configuration errors.

Furthering the incorporation of cognitive and predictive intelligence foundations into the IBM SmartCloud Analytics portfolio, IBM also continues to advance search capabilities. Through IBM SmartCloud Analytics – Log Analysis, clients can search through massive amounts of varied data to understand “what happened?”, analyzing unstructured data quickly to identify problems, isolate issues and repair them. Customers can not only create custom dashboards and drill down to root causes, but can also extend the platform to create specific Insight Packs for faster visibility into issues. Clients can also use the built-in expert advice capability to get resolution recommendations. After deploying these search capabilities at its own India Software Labs, IBM reduced the root cause analysis time of 12 applications from 6-7 hours to less than 30 minutes.

IBM is also applying machine learning and analytics to storage with a new version of SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center. Now, organizations can save time and money by automating complex storage tiering decisions and moving to cloud storage. By analyzing data usage patterns, this intelligent software identifies the type of storage best suited for an organization’s data, and automatically makes the change without interruption to the user or applications. The software learns key usage patterns over time, adapting and shifting data as business needs change. IBM deployed this automated storage tiering capability at its own Boulder, Colorado data center and reduced per terabyte of storage costs by nearly 50 percent.

IBM's business partners can take advantage of the new IT Operations Analytics software to differentiate managed service offerings. In today's managed service offering portfolio of system integrators, there lacks a predictive and cognitive capability to manage mission and business critical applications, resulting in significant and avoidable downtime.

Using IBM's Smart Cloud Analytics solutions, managed service providers can reduce downtime of customer applications, visualize the behavior of end users and programs, predict spurts in demand and plan for capacity. System integrators and managed service providers can also partner with IBM to build best practices for a generic data center environment.

Through IBM’s India Software Labs, companies can leverage the SmartCloud Analytics offerings and local IBM expertise to gain insights from their volumes of IT operations data, bringing intelligence and efficiency to their IT infrastructures and in turn, their business operations.

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