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‘Massive improvement opportunities exist in the arena of predictive analytics for large Indian telcos'

1st September 2012

Interview with Prashant Tewari, Country Manager, Cognos & Business Analytics, IBM Software Group, India/South Asia in Voice & Data

What is the size of the business analytics market for the telecom industry in India? Please shed some light on the increasing rate of Bl adoption tools.

IDC has reported that the Indian analytics market, as a whole, touched a whopping $300 mn in 2011.

What kind of business analytics tools do you offer to the service providers and in what way do they help them? What is the accuracy of insights and success rates?

IBM business analytics software delivers complete, consistent, and accurate information that decision-makers in telecommunications companies trust to improve business performance. A comprehensive portfolio of business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance, predictive analytics, and strategy management applications provides telco executives with clear, immediate, and actionable insights into current performance and the ability to predict future outcomes. Service providers rely on IBM Cognos business intelligence (Bl) and performance management software and IBM SPSS predictive analytics software to minimize churn, improve effectiveness of operations, reduce costs, and build long- lasting and more profitable subscriber relationships.

Marketing, customer service, product management, operations, and finance departments can analyze, understand, and align based on insight derived from a wide range of historical and real-time information. These insights allow service providers to monetize behavioral patterns in customer data, increase customer acquisition and retention, personalize offerings, and better manage infrastructure investments to align resources with customer demand.

How do you compare the adoption of Bl by Indian telcos with their global counterparts?

Like their global counterparts, most large Indian telcos have fairly sophisticated analytics solutions in place to manage their customer churn requirements, manage annual operating expenditure, manage operational analytics, and handle their operational and business reporting requirements. The next set of analytics growth areas will come from social media and social network analytics coupled with big data management requirements. Massive improvement opportunities exist in the arena of predictive analytics for large Indian telcos to get deeper customer analytics insights about numerous customer sub-segments to offer tailored marketing campaigns. Bl adoption is also expected for analyzing social media and social networks in which their customers are present and understand their stated views and opinions. It would help telcos gather insights from the market research activities carried out to understand what customers are thinking about products and solutions offered.