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IBM Worklight : Best choice for small enterprises

24th August, 2012

Continuing its legacy of letting people manage their platforms easily and intuitively, IBM has developed its Worklight which enables organizations to easily manage their mobile environment/environments. In order to throw more light on the IBM Worklight and to enable the owners of various SMEs get a grip of this wonderful software, we provide vital information regarding the IBM Worklight.

What is it exactly?

Basically, the IBM Worklight is a software that lets organizations (even SMEs) to manage various mobile platforms effectively. Many organizations rely on IBM Worklight to provide an optimal user experience across more devices while reducing time to market, development costs and ongoing maintenance efforts.

What is the edge that IBM Worklight provides to organizations/enterprises (even small enterprises)?

IBM’s approach integrates Windows 7 and virtualization migration planning while optimizing application delivery by leveraging proven methods, analytics and automation. An enterprise can achieve all three steps in one intelligent roadmap, offering the potential for significant return on investment.

Are there any variants of the IBM Worklight? What are the features that they offer SMEs?

IBM Worklight Server - The IBM Worklight server is mobile-optimized middleware, and serves as a gateway between applications, back-end systems and cloud-based services. The server is designed to help you:

IBM Worklight Studio - The IBM Worklight Studio is a comprehensive environment for advanced, rich, cross-platform mobile application development. With the help of Worklight Studio, you can:

IBM Worklight Console - The IBM Worklight Console is an administrative GUI for the server, adapters, applications and push services. The Worklight Console can help you:

IBM Worklight Device Runtime Components - IBM Worklight also includes runtime client APIs designed to enhance existing server functions. Device runtime components are designed to provide: