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TVS Motors adopts IBM’s software solution to improve transportation efficiencies

TVS Motors adopts IBM’s Software Solution to Improve Transportation Efficiencies

IBM’s ILOG Transportation Analyst solution will help TVS Motors Co. reduce costs on delivering finished products to dealerships

India, April 9, 2012: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that TVS Motors Co., a leading two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer here has selected its software solutions to optimize its transport planning and assets utilization, TVS Motors has selected IBM’s ILOG Transportation Analyst solution to map the most cost-effective trucking routes for timely delivery to its various dealerships.

Headquartered in Chennai, TVS Motor Co. is the third-largest two-wheeler vehicle manufacturer in the country. The company employs more than 40,000 people, and serves more than 15 million customers across the country. In 2009, its annual revenues exceeded USD1 million.

TVS has a widespread dealer network across the country, where it despatches products from its manufacturing plants on a regular basis. These products need to be delivered on time, to ensure further timely delivery to the customer.

The company therefore was looking to arrive at better transportation routes which would further improve delivery efficiency while saving on costs. IBM’s ILOG Transportation Analyst software helps determine the best possible pickup and delivery dates, based on various constraints related to route and distance.

For example, the solution schedules the client’s routes to avoid making more than two deliveries to the same dealership within a certain timeframe and to help ensure that the travel distance between dealerships does not exceed 100 km for optimal cost efficiency and timeliness.

“We were looking to improve on the timelines of the delivery of our products to the dealerships. We are confident that IBM’s solution will help us arrive at faster delivery times through better truck route planning. We have chosen to deploy the solution as it will also help us bring greater cost efficiencies in transportation and logistics processes,” said TVS Motors Co. Spokesperson.

With the implementation, TVS Motors will be able to predict and communicate delivery dates, improving revenue projections more effectively. Improved visibility into the delivery timelines and routes would allow the company to ensure that its transportation vehicles take the best possible routes.

While it will help the company reduce the overall costs associated with transportation and logistics for the dealerships, it will particularly allow TVS motors to bring down the costs associated with multiple drop shipments to a single dealership.

Speaking on the occasion Dulles Krishnan, Director, IBM Commerce Solutions said “IBM’s industry-leading transportation analytics solutions have helped many organizations drive greater efficiencies from their transportation assets. We believe that our ILOG Transportation Analyst solution will provide TVS the value addition it its needs to improve on transport times and costs.”

IBM ILOG Transportation Analyst which is part of the IBM Smarter Commerce offerings is focused on helping companies swiftly adapt to rising customer demands in today's digitally transformed marketplace. Supported by global sales and marketing resources, IBM Smarter Commerce will address the spectrum of enterprise commerce activities -- new ways to buy, sell and secure greater customer loyalty in the era of mobile and social networks.

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