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Towards smarter software

3rd May 2010

A feel of the future captured at the IBM Global Executive Summit

Tivoli recently deployed its solutions in a big hotel in Switzerland to facilitate remote management of all rooms.

Imagine these scenarios:

- You are in office and want to switch off your refrigerator or television or power systems at home.

- You plan to organise a conference and would like to track the movements of all the participants or inform them about meetings and sessions.

- You prefer to teach some students through online social networks.

All these and many more activities similar in nature are now possible through radio frequency identification (RFID) and other advanced technologies.

In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg and going forward, the applications of technologies such as cloud computing and RFID could make information technology a great enabler to make life and business simple and effective.

This is the view expressed by Robert LeBlance, Vice-President, MiddleSoftware, IBM, and many other experts at the IBM Global Executive Summit 2010 held recently in Goa.

“Automobile and telecom are the greatest examples of fast-paced technological transformation. In 1977, Oldsmobile Toronado had a single computer system. Now, a modern car has over 30 computers,” he said.

What reinforces this technological boom is the instrumented, inter-connected and intelligent eco system.

There are over 30 billion RFID tags at present with nearly two billion people on the Web with a trillion connected objects, says the IBM expert.

With all systems becoming more ‘intelligent' with 15 petabytes of information being generated everyday, proliferation of real-time business intelligence tools solutions is set to happen, he predicts.


Solutions are also becoming cheaper now. “The cost of an RFID tag is now at seven cents compared with $10 earlier. The cost of computing is also becoming low and will reach more people and businesses soon,” says Joao Perez, Vice-President of Tivoli Software, US.

Tivoli recently deployed its solutions in a big hotel in Switzerland to facilitate remote management of all rooms.

“They now do every thing from front office, including switching on/off a TV or a refrigerator,” he says.

Focus on 6 areas

To sustain and further nurture smarter software for a smarter planet, ways and means are being explored. According to LeBlanc, about 70 cents per dollar is being spent by companies on maintaining IT infrastructure or adoption of new capabilities.

Focus on six areas is immediately required for a smarter planet, he says. They are, information and analytics, people and process transformation, security and resiliency, product services and innovation, next generation data centres and cloud capabilities and sustainability.

Work load optimising systems, virtual and more effective data centres, better security through fool-proof supply chain management are already being developed.

So you can now look forward towards smarter software making your life and business more productive with less hassle.