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IBM announces 'Develothon 2010'

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Date: 22nd March, 2010

IBM on Monday announced Develothon 2010, a programme it said aimed at helping the software developer community in India develop skills in newer technology areas.

The company is organizing a 27-city road show that integrates with its developerWorks forum, known for extensive skill coverage and software evangelization (with over 18,000 IT professionals skilled in 2009), IBM said in a statement.

The campaign would encompass technical briefing sessions, covering topics like cloud computing, information agenda, business performance management, business intelligence, social networking collaboration, mashups and service oriented architecture.

The sessions would be a series of participant driven 'unconferences' geared towards enhancing the skills of the Indian developer on emerging technologies and trends, IBM said. Similar briefings would also be conducted across 27 renowned academic institutions in India.