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  1. 14 Apr 2014

    IBM technology underpins project to make British Columbia’s the “smartest coast on the planet”

    IBM announced its collaboration with Oceans Network Canada (ONC) on a three-year, multi-million dollar project.

  2. 23 Jan 2014

    Lenovo Plans to Acquire IBM’s x86 Server Business

    IBM has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its x86 server business to Lenovo. IBM has a proven track record of continually remixing its technology portfolio to focus on higher value products for enterprise clients.

  3. 17 Jan 2014

    IBM Commits $1.2 Billion to Expand Global Cloud Footprint

    Builds a Massive Network of Local Cloud Hubs for Businesses Worldwide with 40 Data Centres Across Five Continents

  4. 09 Jan 2014

    IBM Forms New Watson Group to Meet Growing Demand for Cognitive Innovations

    Headquartered in NYC's "Silicon Alley," New IBM Watson Group to Include Watson Innovation Hub, Fueling New Products and Start-ups Watson Group Introduces New Cloud Solutions to Accelerate Research, Visualize Big Data and Enable Analytics Exploration

  5. 09 Dec 2013

    IBM Research and Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Convert Recycled Plastics into Disease Fighting Nanofibers

    Opens new applications for the nearly 5.5 billion pounds of PET bottles and jars available annually for recycling

  6. 02 Dec 2013

    Harper Government and IBM Partner to Support Opportunities for Innovation

    Harper Government and IBM Partner to Support Opportunities for Innovation

  7. 27 Nov 2013

    IBM awards multi-million dollar cloud computing platform to seven Nova Scotia schools

    System to drive analytics curriculum, research and development

  8. 26 Sep 2013

    New IBM Smarter Cities Software on the Cloud Helps Cities Transform

    Cambridge, Ontario and Waterfront Toronto Drive Greater Efficiency, Save Taxpayer Dollars