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Atlantic Council and IBM collaborate to address NATO Cyber Security and Reform Effort

Brussels, BELGIUM – 29 June, 2011: In response to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s call for European allies to adopt a smarter approach to maximizing scarce defense resources in an age of austerity, the Atlantic Council and IBM will cooperate to develop strategies and practical road maps for NATO’s modernization to confront future challenges. This initiative will focus on providing thought leadership and innovative policy-relevant solutions for NATO’s continued reform and role in cyber defense and security.

Frederick Kempe, President and CEO of the Atlantic Council said: "Aligning with IBM allows the Council to continue our cutting edge work on transatlantic security challenges, focusing on NATO reform and cyber security. We are especially pleased to work in concert with IBM, a global leader in leveraging technology to increase value, flexibility, and productivity, across the private and public sector.”

Working with recognized experts and former senior officials from both Europe and the United States, the Atlantic Council and IBM will produce a set of policy-oriented briefs focused on NATO reform and cyber security throughout 2011.

The publications and their findings will be showcased at public and private events for the defense policy and NATO communities on both sides of the Atlantic in coming months. The events will coincide with reform and policy development milestones established by the November 2010 NATO summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

To kick off this effort, the Atlantic Council is partnering with Security and Defence Agenda for a major conference on NATO reform in Brussels on June 29.

The Atlantic Council and IBM initiative is managed by the Council’s Program on International Security.

For more information please contact:

Mary Micevych, Atlantic Council
+1 202 778 4993

Joe Hanley, IBM
+44 078 0350 2318