Integrate data, services and applications

Mobile integration brings all of your resources into customer engagement

Have your computing platform do the work

The very point of IT is to harness the power of computing. Why would you want multiple systems that can't communicate in real time? “Mobilize” your back-end data and apps to get the best possible business outcome from every transaction.

CIOs / IT Managers

Connect systems of engagement to systems of record

Create systems of interaction. To help ensure the best business outcomes, mobilize with complete integration of your apps and services. We can help you connect to the information and data available from the “Internet of Things” — with billions of available devices.

54% of business leaders say their company struggles with the ability to integrate mobile applications with existing systems

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CIOs / IT Managers rely on IBM MobileFirst

“IBM is helping us enable back-end remote connectivity, because we all know that data is the part that really brings the value.”

Judy Asher, enterprise technology research manager at Ford

Ford Motor Company wanted to empower consumers by connecting them from their car to third-party applications on their mobile devices. By harnessing the “Internet of Things,” customers access their favorite mobile apps through their vehicle console.

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Don’t have an in-house development team?
We can help.

IBM MobileFirst Application Platform Management Services will develop, deploy, and manage your end-user mobile apps.


Integrate your apps with all available data

As you connect services to create new cloud and mobile apps, you’ll need to access data and APIs in your enterprise without comprising security and performance. To help speed this, we’ve assembled integration capabilities, from Cast Iron and API Management to Bluemix, so you can bridge the gap between cloud and on-premise.

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Developers rely on IBM MobileFirst
IBM mobile services for Bluemix

A rich set of mobile-ready APIs and SDKs you can mix and match to power your apps. Cut ops and maintenance costs while scaling to meet demand.

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Want to free your developers from extra data management? We can help.

Now your developers can focus on creating great applications. The Cloudant NoSQL DBaaS scales massively and is fully managed by big data experts to help you accelerate time-to-market.

More on how to integrate data, services, and applications:

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James, CIO, Multinational bank – Delivers engaging mobile apps

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Jerry Cuomo

IBM Fellow, VP, WebSphere
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