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A strong mobile infrastructure is the base from which you can gain insights and respond to customer needs before your competition or even before your customers know what they'll want next.

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Organizations prioritizing mobile infrastructure initiatives and implementing a mobile strategy are twice as likely to receive IT budget increases and experience revenue growth of 10 percent or more. Download “Putting mobile first”

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Mobile leaders use mobile to fundamentally transform their business

Mobile infrastructure can create new business value in ways that drive both growth and revenue – reaching customers in new and better ways, and simplifying business process.

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Setting the strategic agenda

The “upwardly mobile” enterprise: Senior managers from hundreds of enterprises around the globe, in multiple industries, with a range of titles, were asked about their mobile strategies and current level of success. From this survey, less than half of organizations have a well-defined, enterprise-wide mobile strategy.

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IBM MobileFirst Infrastructure Consulting Services

Transformative consulting to help you develop an end-to-end mobility infrastructure strategy. With that roadmap, we'll help you implement mobility on the cloud, understand security issues, optimize, reduce operational costs, and improve customer loyalty through mobility.


86% of IT leaders in mobile believe that an external IT service provider can help them achieve their mobility goals. Download “Putting mobile first”

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IBM MobileFirst Infrastructure Consulting Services

We can help you identify the important aspects of mobility you may be overlooking, address technical aspects of your mobile infrastructure, and develop a mobile strategy that aligns with your business goals.

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Getting started with mobile — by focusing on planning and strategy

Findings from the IBM Global IT Study on Mobile Infrastructure.

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IBM MobileFirst Infrastructure Consulting Services

We help you develop a mobile infrastructure strategy to connect your clients and employees with your systems and data. We handle the design, implementation and managed services so they can perform business transactions from any mobile device, anywhere.


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How to Institute a “Mobile First” IT Infrastructure

View mobility as a critical business enabler for growth and competitive differentiation, prioritize infrastructure to support mobile, and securely implement and deploy mobile capabilities across the enterprise.

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Forward Thinker

Linda Lyding

Linda Lyding

Director, GTS MobileFirst Global Offering Portfolio


How To Institute A Mobile First IT Infrastructure

Webinar from InformationWeek: How to plan, integrate, optimize and manage IT and communications infrastructures to securely deploy mobile.

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