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Put your business in motion. Become a mobile enterprise.

As a mobile enterprise, you can attract new customers, and transform your business and IT infrastructure. Develop mobile apps to boost enterprise efficiency, and improve customer service and interactions.

The upwardly mobile enterprise: a new study from the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV)

Learn how leading enterprises rise to the top, including ROI, analytics, integration, and security.

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Secured, networked devices


Support BYOD and a smarter workforce

IBM enables flexible access to enterprise data and applications

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Manage and optimize mobile devices, data, and expenses

PHS Group streamlines operations while significantly decreasing unnecessary costs

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Connected workers

Oversee security, risk, and compliance

Delivering 98 percent policy compliance across all enterprise devices means CenterBeam can manage a broader array of IT endpoints

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Transform strategy and operations

Air Canada mobile travel services cut per-check-in cost 80 percent compared to counter check-in

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Build and deploy multi-platform mobile applications

TBC reduces time-to-market for mobile applications, from ideas to platform in 19 days

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Optimize mobile experience to build loyalty

Grand Slam Tennis improves app quality and increases productivity by 10 percent coding with visual models

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Leverage analytics to turn information into insights

A traffic management solution in the City of Eindhoven collects and analyzes data from car and road sensors to quickly resolve traffic issues

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Extend enterprise to mobile with data, service, and application integration

VCC Construction reduces processing time for inbound customer service inquiries by 30 to 50 percent

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Talk about mobile

#P4SPchat highlights: @edbrill from IBM discussed "Catching the Mobile Wave" with industry experts in his recent #P4SPchat on Twitter.

Customer experience management in the new era of mobility

Help protect your brand while moving to market as quickly as possible.

Download apps

See the wide range of IBM mobile apps to support your mobile enterprise.

What is BYOD?

A full-page discussion of bring your own device with white papers and videos to help you get started.

Mobile device management (MDM)

How IBM can help you — plus downloads, studies, and white papers.

Mobile application development

Suggestions on dealing with unique mobile challenges — including native vs Web vs hybrid development.

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