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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Bring your business data into focus

Fresh, clear insights drive smarter business decisions. And better decisions mean better business. IBM’s integrated, easy-to-use set of Business Analytics solutions give mid-sized organisations a competitive advantage. Our analytics and reporting tools slice and dice data, crystallising trends, patterns and anomalies so your company gets a better view of what’s around the bend and further down the road, allowing it to optimise and grow systems without breaking the budget.

Analytics: A blueprint for value. Converting big data and analytics insights into results.

A blueprint for value. Converting big data and analytics insights into results.

Building analytical excellence (736KB). See how analytically driven insight can enhance most critical business decisions. Analytics: The real-world use of big data. IBM IBV report: how innovative midsize business extract value from big data. Read the full document. Reasearch note (57KB). How analytics makes midsize companies more profitable Reasearch note (57KB)

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What we offer

  • IBM

    IBM Cognos Express

    Integrated BI and planning for midsize organizations

  • IBM

    IBM Cognos Insight

    Explore, analyze, visualize and share insights from your desktop

  • IBM

    IBM SPSS Modeler Premium

    Choose the data mining software that meets your analysis needs

  • IBM SPSS Statistics

    IBM SPSS Statistics

    An integrated family of products with specialized capabilities, to address the entire analytical process

  • IBM Cognos Express Reporter

    IBM Cognos Express Reporter

    Handle all of your reporting needs (production, dashboards, operational, transactional, and managed) and empower business users to easily access, modify and create reports with comprehensive self-service reporting and ad hoc query capabilities.

  • IBM Cognos Express Advisor

    IBM Cognos Express Advisor

    Quickly and easily translate raw data into sophisticated analysis with rich visual presentations that include simple and intuitive drill down and drill up capabilities and the flexibility to slice and dice information.

  • IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator

    IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator

    Transform common spreadsheets with a powerful in-memory analytics engine for real-time multidimensional analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting.

  • IBM Cognos Express Planner

    IBM Cognos Express Planner

    Streamlines information gathering, aggregation and analysis for continuous planning, budgeting and forecasting.

  • IBM Smart Analytics System 5710

    IBM Smart Analytics System 5710

    Integrated data warehousing and analytics software built on System x

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