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Five actions of a risk aware organization

The IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index shows an increase in detected security events and headlines blare news about the latest data breach, but risk aware organizations are getting out in front of the threats. Kris Lovejoy, IBM General Manager of Security Services, describes five actions companies can take now to improve their security posture.

The top three cloud security concerns

Does handing over control of applications and data in a cloud environment mean opening your company to security exposures? Christina Richmond, IDC Program Director for Security Services, offers insights in how to mitigate the top three cloud security concerns.

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How cyber attackers operate and how to stop them

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Modernizing data protection for SMBs

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The top five reasons to consider the cloud.

The cloud is leveling the playing field for midsized businesses “like we’ve never seen in modern history,” says the IBM General Manager for midmarket. Find out why, as he reveals the top five reasons SMB organizations should consider the cloud now.

What data are you willing to lose?

While the volume of data is exploding, and midsized companies are uncovering insights in data analytics, many businesses are not taking steps to protect this most valuable of assets: 32 percent have lost files forever. RJ Nichols from Tech Data talks about what you can do to be safe.

A full and secure mobile platform, in 30 minutes or less

FiberLink, an IBM company, has more than 20 years of experience delivering enterprise mobility management solutions, and has been at the forefront of efficiently and securely turning mobility into productivity

Mobile in your pocket, business in the cloud

The CEO of SiteMinis, Marci Troutman, talked with ForwardView magazine and shared her perspective on how businesses can be “mobilized” to reach new and existing customers