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Storage management & protection

Simple and efficient storage management for SMBs

Data is the lifeblood of all businesses and every business needs to effectively manage the growing volume of data. SMBs needs a simple, low cost solution for primary and backup data that ensures critical data be available and accessible when you need it. It must be protected against loss, damage, theft and unauthorized change. And if disaster strikes, data recovery must be swift so you can get back to business quickly.

Our solutions, specially packaged for SMBs, do more than protect data – they'll help you get more value from your data so you can respond to business opportunities quicker, cost-effectively and focus on growth.


IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center
See how IBM's advanced interface for Tivoli Storage Manager enables consolidation, intuitive problem resolution and integrated team collaboration.


Pay as you grow
Protect your data with a storage solution that will grow with you. To learn more about the challenges facing small and medium businesses, and how IBM can help, listen to the webcast from IBM and Evaluator Group.

Get ready to explore the latest developments in cloud, mobile, security and Smarter Infrastructure

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Get ready to explore the latest developments in cloud, mobile, security and Smarter Infrastructure

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There is a growing interest among SMBs to harness technology, but they are worried about costs and having the right skills. They want to take incremental steps to build on existing capacities that also hold potential for consequent bold moves. Storage and infrastructure will play a critical role as enabling technology.


Introducing new specially packaged solutions for SMBs to help modernize their data and storage management capabilities. Now, SMBs can:

Data and Storage Management solutions feature easy-to-use analytics-based data optimization that works with most storage systems. It’s automated and easy.


    IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Select

    Offers equivalent functionality to IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center, but is licensed by the number of storage devices managed, and supports selected IBM and non-IBM storage systems.

Modernize data protection with IBM, and save up to 38% in backup infrastructure costs.

IBM optimizes backup and recovery for Virtual Machines, clouds and critical applications. Advanced visualization helps you see, at a glance, if data is protected. VMware administrators can configure, schedule and monitor backups using familiar VMware interfaces

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery Entry is a specially priced, capacity based data protection solution bundle that includes backup servers, remote replication, file archiving, and advanced agents for VMware, SAP, email and databases.


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