Is it time to change the way you think about CRM?

We're facing a CRM marketplace that is constantly changing. Marketing, sales and customer service executives are under increasing scrutiny to deliver measurable results with a consumer who is constantly changing, with data that is hard to capture, and with metrics that are poorly defined. And those who can't adapt to these challenges are being shown the door at an increasingly rapid rate. So what do you do when the customer, the relationship, and the way you manage both are undergoing such dramatic change? And what's next for CRM?

The new approach to CRM is integrated. It integrates analytics to get more from your data; it integrates data from different sources for a single view of the customer; and it enables your teams to work more collaboratively. When you invest in a more integrated approach, not only are your business results stronger, but your ROI is higher. So what does a truly integrated approach look like?


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