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The customer today wields increasing power and midsize businesses are scrambling to stay competitive. This new breed of consumer demands to engage with a brand in person, or on the go, adding to the growing complexity of global transactions. Businesses today are required to be predictive, efficient and transparent. Achieving an end-to-end balance requires a revolution in the ways products are marketed, sold, manufactured and sources. IBM Smarter Commerce for the midmarket enables medium-sized businesses to analyze operations data across multiple channels, leveraging customer insights from every interaction to create an integrated value chain.

CEO Study (UK). Values, connection, innovation: Midmarket insights from IBM's Global CEO Study. Marketing in the new age of Smarter Commerce (UK). Learn how forward thinking midmarket CMOs are leveraging Smarter Commerce solutions to engage empowered customers How it works: Smarter commerce. Smarter Commerce is about more than making a sale…it's about building a relationship. See how IBM is enabling this end-to-end customer experience. Helping midsize businesses improve marketing effectiveness. Listen to this webcast and learn how IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative can help your company thrive in the era of the empowered consumer.

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