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Midsize businesses need to do more with less, and that’s what cloud is all about. It’s on-demand, always available, and requires almost no setup or capital expense. Cloud services expand as you need them and don’t cost an arm and a leg. With cloud technology, midsize businesses can compete with the big guys.

Cloud technology isn’t a commodity; it’s a strategic resource. IBM will work with you to figure out what you need, how to deploy services and where your company will benefit most. See our constantly expanding line of infrastructure, applications and services below.

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Exploring the role of Ecosystems in evolving cloud market (333KB). Cloud computing is providing visible acceleration towards a smarter reality, a reality that is radically changing the nature of traditional partnering and channel management models. Read the latest whitepaper.  The Benefits of Cloud Computing (634KB). Learn how IBM and its customers benefit from the cloud, how cloud can substantially enhance your business value, and how cloud has affected markets abroad.  Collaborating in the Cloud Collaborating in the Cloud

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