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Virtualization & Optimization

Virtualization & Optimization

Reduce complexity with virtualization solutions for your midsize business

Midsize companies are increasingly being tasked to do more with less. Faced with lower operating and IT budgets, IT decision makers need to respond quickly to changing customer and market demands in order to stay ahead of the competition. On top of that, they are expected to continue innovating and improve performance while maintaining a focus on efficiency and cost control.

Managing and optimizing combinations of workloads is similar for all companies, such as billing data and database queries – the difference is where your midsize business fits in the progression path. Workloads like these are becoming increasingly complex and, in many cases, demand real-time capabilities. Different types of workloads have unique characteristics and run more purposefully when matched with the right computing.

IBM and its business partners can help your midsize business get started on the virtualization journey now from any point in the progression path, whether you’re currently employing no virtualization, through basic adoption, and finally resulting in a well managed virtual infrastructure. Consolidating resources, managing the workloads, and automating the process will lead to an IT infrastructure with optimized delivery. Your IT department will then be able to focus on innovations that will help the business move to greater profits and spend less time on basic problem resolution.

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning (US). 30-day trial to experience IBM's low-touch, highly scalable cloud―a true laaS solution that reduces costs and offers near-zero downtime and automated recovery. IBM Cost Buster Solutions for Small Deals (US). Every small and midsize dusiness needs to understand how to still grow and prosper in this “new normal” economic environment. A smarter payment strategy can help qualified clients meet budget and cah flow objectives. Total Economic Impact Study of IBM Storwize V7000 (203.6KB). A survey of 11 existing customers and subsequent financial analysis found that on average a composite organization interviewed experienced a three year risk-adjusted ROI of 150%. Virtualization For Midsize Businesses: Keep the Foot on the Accelerator. Virtualization has rapidly gone from experimentation to production in the server environment for most midsize businesses, Waiting for proof to materialize of virtualization's benefits in other areas touched bu IT could be costly.
Workload Optimized Infrastructure Consolidate your IT infrastructure to maximize performance through Virtualization & Optimization

Companies around the world are competing in an ever-evolving landscape where systems and infrastructures are reaching a breaking point. IT workloads in every business are becoming increasingly complex due to large amounts of data and the introduction of newer applications. Disparate and maturing business workloads need the right combination of system architecture (hardware, software and services) that responds quickly and efficiently to the growing needs of the business. All of this leads to the logical conclusion that a one size fits all approach to IT infrastructure is becoming obsolete.

IBM and its Business Partners provide a breadth integrated offerings fueled by leading edge research and deep industry expertise. Solutions are tailored to help midsize businesses address these pain points, including virtualization and optimization, storage efficiency, and optimized systems. Virtualization and Optimization products and services in particular are designed to reduce costs and complexity through consolidation, managing workloads, automating processes, and optimizing delivery of tasks. Regardless of where your business enters the virtualization journey, IBM has solutions that are affordable with the ability to deploy tactically today. But as research has shown, there is a growing divide in the midsize business sector between companies embracing virtualization and those that are not as the pace of technology continues to accelerate.


Virtualization For Midsize Businesses: Keep the Foot on the Accelerator

Virtualization has rapidly gone from experimentation to production in the server environment for most midsize businesses. Midsize businesses should not wait for proof to materialize of virtualization’s broader and more holistic benefits in other areas touched by IT—notably storage, desktops, and networks.

In a global survey of midsize businesses commissioned by IBM, 67% list virtualization as an IT project that is already underway or planned to be implemented in 2011. For more information about the virtualization trend and midsize businesses, the following study by Frost & Sullivan highlights why midsize companies must move forward with purpose, and quickly.

Stratecast. FROST & SULLIVAN

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