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To compete in today’s economy you need an infrastructure that is agile enough to change as rapidly as your business conditions change. That flexibility requires a high level of integration, which is why IBM takes a comprehensive view of IT operations. IBM’s wide range of options offers you the chance to customize a solution around a small number of highly scalable servers and storage devices. By doing more with less, you can improve your data economics and regain control of your infrastructure, reducing energy and facilities costs.

The innovations built into our storage products for small and midsize businesses make it easier than ever for you to store, safeguard, retrieve and share critical data. Compare the IBM System Storage products designed for your business needs here and find the ideal storage device to help protect your existing infrastructure investments and meet your need for high data availability.

What's next in the world of storage. Find out the top trends in storage that could help you cut costs,data complexity and innovate. See the top trends Infographic Smarter Computing:IT Infrastructure Matters Deliver game-changing capabilities:transform your organization with the right IT infrastructure Watch the Oct.8th.Announcement overview. Storage strategies for handling the data explosion. Throwing hardware at the problem isn't the answer. Read what some experts recommend. Tame the data monster. (ZA) Leverage advanced, enterprise-class functionality to radically improve storage performance and minimize costs.

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