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The continuous proliferation of malicious code and expanding hacker sophistication are formidable challenges. For medium size companies the IT security risks are enormous. Focused on their core business, many adopt a "set it and forget it" policy, leaving systems and data open to exposures from viruses, malware, hackers, and more. With liabilities ranging from catastrophic downtime to non-compliance penalties, organisations must approach IT security as a continuous, company-wide business discipline. The very nature of today's security threats leaves little margin for error, so the most effective security management strategy will be pre-emptive.

IBM’s IT security expertise can help any business develop, implement and maintain comprehensive, adaptable strategies to combat the proliferation and expanding sophistication of malicious attacks without increasing complexity, cost, or resources required for administration. Security threats are always evolving--be sure that your security system can evolve to fight them.

Demo: A deep look at Tivoli Access Manager for ESSO. Remove the frustration of multiple passwords, complex policies and the associated compliance challenges with easy-to-automate access management. Rewriting the rules to patch management (white paper). Security begins at the endpoints(US). With smart phone use growing and more apps moving to the cloud, firewalls don't offer enough protection. Read about endpoint security tools in ForwardView eMagazine.

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