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Today’s IT landscape for midsize businesses is evolving rapidly and new measures of performance requires faster service delivery, with higher quality and superior economics. IBM’s flexible technology lowers your risk and costs through a data center consolidation to a more efficient infrastructure that lets you scale up and out as needed to grow your business.

IBM offers an entire range of powerful and innovative servers. IBM System x, IBM BladeCenter, and IBM Power Systems are three products with a family of offerings designed for small and medium businesses. An integrated approach to the design and testing of IBM servers ensures midsize businesses can rely on the higher quality of service needed for a cost and energy efficient IT infrastructure.

IBM System x is our most popular small business server and is easy to install and affordable. IBM BladeCenter servers allow customers to reduce complexity, improve systems management, and increase energy efficiency while driving down total cost of ownership. IBM Power Systems acts as a single, energy efficient and easy-to-deploy platform for all of your UNIX, Linux and IBM i applications.

If you are ready to chat, give us a call at 1-877-426-22231-877-426-2223 (1-877-IBM-ACCESS) and mention priority code 102P591W. You can also email us or a request a quote.


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  • IBM PureFlex System

    IBM PureFlex System

    Combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure system that senses and anticipates resource needs

  • IBM System x

    IBM System x (US)

    An excellent choice for smaller businesses, easy to install and affordable

  • IBM BladeCenter

    IBM BladeCenter (US)

    Reduce complexity, improve systems management, increase efficiency and lower the cost of ownership

  • IBM Power servers

    IBM Power servers (US)

    Faster, more efficient and easier to deploy for all of your UNIX, Linux and IBM i applications


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    IBM RedBooks

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