Small and Medium Business Solutions. Customized solutions designed to support your growing business.Small and Medium Business Solutions. Customized solutions designed to support your growing business.Customer relationship management (CRM)

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Customer relationship management

With CRM enhancements from IBM, midsize businesses can gain faster insights, enable real-time decision-making and deliver customized experiences that increase customer loyalty and attract new customers. By integrating CRM solutions that are specially designed and priced for midsize businesses, businesses can gain valuable insights from customer data to enhance the customer experience, while adding to their bottom line.

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Offering an ROI of nearly 6 to 1 per dolar. Analytics. Social collaboration. Application integration

Changing the way you think about CRM
Incorporating analytics and social collaboration with traditional functions may offer higher ROI

Expert tips on how investing in current customers can really pay off.

Making CRM work for your midsize business
Competition is global and customers have nearly unlimited choices. Help them choose you.

A smarter approach to CRM
Get IBM's view on how customers are changing and what you need to do to adapt

What you should know before that sales call
Leveraging sales intelligence effectively can improve relationships and the bottom line

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IBM solutions help address the business concerns of midsize companies in key areas

  • Cognos Express (US)

    Essential reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities at an affordable price

  • 0% IBM Software financing

    0% software financing (US)

    0% financing over 12 months when purchasing new IBM software licenses and first-year subscription and support charges


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  • IBM RedBooks

    IBM RedBooks

    Skills and technical know-how for IT professionals, clients, partners and more