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Smarter Commerce for the Midmarket

Give your midsize business the large enterprise advantage

The customer today wields increasing power and midsize businesses are scrambling to stay competitive. This new breed of consumer demands to engage with a brand in person, or on the go, adding to the growing complexity of global transactions. Businesses today are required to be predictive, efficient and transparent. Achieving an end-to-end balance requires a revolution in the ways products are marketed, sold, manufactured and sourced. IBM Smarter Commerce for the midmarket enables medium-sized businesses to analyze operations data across multiple channels, leveraging customer insights from every interaction to create an integrated value chain.

Digital era transforms CMO’s agenda, reveals gap in readiness (03:50) Insights from 1,734 CMOs, 19 industries, 64 countries: How prepared are CMOs to manage the data explosion, social media, and the growth of channel and device choices? From Stretched to Strengthened (US) Marketing in the age of Smarter Commerce Download the IBM Institute for Business Value thought leadership application Access our latest thought leadership, including C-suite Studies and industry insights. Download from iTunes Top 5 things to consider for midsize B2B collaboration (US) Increasingly complex B2B relationships are top midsize business problems.

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Smarter Commerce puts the customer at the center of your business.

 Smarter Commerce: How it works (00:04:31)
Working with 21st-century customers requires thinking differently

 Forrester thought leadership
Empowered customers drive collaborative business evolution

 Smarter Commerce: Beyond just buying and selling (US)
Putting the customer first creates a positive brand experience

 ForwardView: B2B automation (US)
Process automation helps save money and deliver a better customer experience

 Is FTP Really Free? (US)
Security risks and hidden costs mean the answer is probably no.

 B2B collaboration: Top five things to consider
Automation for growth with better partner and supplier integration

Expanding the procurement view
With the customer at the center of your buying operations, data intelligence will continuously optimize your buying structure, partner and supplier integration, and process improvement to inventory and warehouse management.

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B2B Integration Solutions

Unified cross-channel marketing
With powerful analytics and coordinated cross-channel marketing, personalized campaigns have become even more precise, and can be delivered through the most effective channels for each customer.

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The customer sees consistent offers and merchandising
49% of consumers use two or more shopping channels during a single purchase. Smarter commerce opens up customer options essentially enabling customers to order anywhere and pick up anywhere.

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Cross-channel selling & fulfillment solutions

Deliver flawless customer service across all channels
Smarter commerce doesn't end at the sale. A reputation for excellent customer care in the months and years following purchase can be a strong selling point. Executives charged with customer service are using customer insights to predict service needs. From synchronizing product installation and warranty to managing and tracking returns more efficiently, smoother operations mean a better customer experience.

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