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API economy – Learn how to connect all of your touch points.

The API economy

Integrate with everyone

Collaborate securely to create new apps. Build and scale the services that customers want today.

Hybrid integration

Let them talk—let them all talk

Hybrid integration lets you connect any technology to redefine customer experience.

Connectivity and integration solutions

APIs and cloud integration

Connect, integrate and securely manage cloud-based and on-premises applications and data, and externalize business services.

B2B integration

Synchronize information flows with the external business community to drive growth and improve performance.

Integration foundation

Enable fast, flexible connectivity with adapters and applications for service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Managed file transfer

Enforce governance of data transfers critical to synchronizing systems, businesses and people across extended value chains.


Connect and integrate devices, data and applications inside and outside of your organization to help improve business outcomes.

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IBM App Connect

Make your apps work for you by keeping local, on-premises and cloud apps in sync.


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IBM API Connect

Innovate faster and open new revenue streams with our API creation and management solution on the cloud or on premises.


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API economy

Fuel innovation and reach new audiences by making APIs part of your business model.

What´s trending

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