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IBM Cloud Managed Services

Managed Cloud Environment

IBM Cloud Managed Services

Managed Cloud Designed for Critical Workloads

Our fully managed, security, rich, production, ready cloud environment for enterprise applications

IBM Cloud Managed Services, is a fully managed, highly secure IaaS cloud optimized for critical enterprise workloads. IBM Cloud Managed Services offers unique instance-level VM uptime SLAs to 99.95% and many advantages of a private cloud-such as options for dedicated servers and storage-while providing flexible scaling and the benefits of cloud economics.

''The choice for IBM was primarily based on the expertise and because we know that this was a strategic move from our end. We know how to make good TVs that look great, but we need to have IBM's expertise to run it in a way that it fits our consumers preferences.'' - Albert Mombarg, Head of Smart TV, TPVision

Features and Benefits at a Glance

IBM Cloud Managed Services is specifically designed for running critical enterprise workloads (including Oracle, SAP and SAP HANA applications), as well as managed enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure for critical web, mobile and social applications, dev and test, industry-specific solutions (electronics and transportation) and data center transformation.

Not all workloads are meant to run on commodity-based, share-everything infrastructure. With IBM Cloud Managed Services you can confidently reap the benefits of cloud with:

  • Dedicated, shared or hybrid environments in IBM data centers
  • IBM Power Systems and System x servers with XIV high performance storage or V7000 base storage
  • Enterprise-leading IBM PowerVM and VMWare hypervisors
  • An AT&T NetBond VPN option for enhanced performance
  • ITIL-compliant: monitoring, patching, security, etc.

Ideal for Role: Business Operations, DBA, Facilities Management, IT Operations

Category: Infrastructure

Service Type: Infrastructure