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Cloudant, an IBM company

Database Management

Cloudant, an IBM company

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Cloudant, an IBM company

Manage- scale and support fast-growing data needs around the clock- so that you can focus on business and ideas

Today’s applications are expected to run 24x7 and manage a variety of structured and unstructured data accessed by massive networks of users, devices, and business locations, or even sensors, vehicles and Internet-enabled goods. As the need for data access expands to the network edge, most databases are still grounded in a central data center, and companies are on the hook to stay up to date on the latest innovations in database management, storage subsystems, file systems, chip sets and operating systems to stay competitive.

Cloudant manages your database for you, enabling applications to operate at any scale,  by distributing database read/write access out to the network edge—like a CDN for your data. This frees you to focus efforts completely on your core business.

Product detail

Cloudant manages your database needs for you, enabling applications to operate at any scale, nonstop, by distributing database read/write access out to the network edge—like a CDN for your data.

Cloudant leverages the availability, elasticity and reach of the cloud to create a global data delivery network that enables applications to scale larger and remain consistently available to users wherever they are.


.    Distributes readable, writable copies of data to multiple locations or devices

.    Users read and write the closest available data source

.    Synchronizes data continuously via filtered, multi-master replication

.    Stores data of any structure as self-describing JSON documents

.    Integrates via a RESTful API

.    Provides full-text search, geo-location services, and flexible, real-time indexing

.    Is monitored and managed for you 24x7 by the big data experts at Cloudant

Who uses Cloudant?

Companies of all sizes use Cloudant to manage data for many types of large or fast-growing web and mobile apps in e-commerce, online education, gaming, financial services, networking and other industries. Cloudant is best suited for applications that require an operational data store to handle a massively concurrent mix of low-latency reads and writes. Its data replication and synchronization technology also enables continuous data availability, as well as offline app usage for mobile or remote users.

As a JSON document store, Cloudant is ideal for managing multi- or un-structured data. Advanced indexing makes it easy to enrich applications with location-based (geo-spatial) services, full-text search, and real-time analytics.

Ideal for Role: IT Operations

Service Type: Application