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Met Office

United Kingdom's national weather service developing techniques for modern forecasting

When severe weather conditions threaten, people all over the world look to the Met Office for forecasts they can trust. But what you may not know is that industries all over the world count on those forecasts to make better, faster decisions and keep business moving forward.

The Met Office collects 10 million weather observations every day from around the world — it depends on the mainframe to process and output forecast reports quickly and without error. Watch the full story.

Met Office

Delivering more than severe weather warnings, forecasts from the Met Office help improve accuracy and efficiency for organizations across every sector. Since 2011, the Met Office has saved the UK economy more than £260 million a year. Beyond economics, the British Red Cross is just one of many organizations that depend the Met Office’s efficient, reliable weather forecasting. And that’s one more reason why the Met Office depends on the mainframe, putting it at the heart of its operations and letting it handle the unpredictable workload spikes that severe weather can bring. With so many people depending on the Met Office, the reliability of the mainframe remains integral to their strategy for the future.

It's incredibly important that the customers trust what they've been given - trust the accuracy, trust the reliability, trust that when they are really making business critical decisions, the information they are relying on is going to turn up everyday, every time. The sooner we can get our forecast out, the sooner we can advise people, the sooner they are able to make decisions to change plans and to improve the outcomes.

Phil Evans Director of Government Services, Met Office

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