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Business Connexion

Africa's largest IT service provider making the impossible possible through technology

The mainframe enables Business Connexion to build and deploy an end-to-end cloud offering that will enable them to provide seamless and continuous service to customers across Africa. By giving access to services like Internet, banking and telemedicine, Business Connexion can affect positive future outcomes of its communities and empower prosperity across the disconnected continent. Watch the full story.

Business Connexion

Before now, remote populations across Africa have been limited to fragmented access to services like banking and education. But now, Business Connexion is developing an innovative "cloud-in-a-box" solution to help Telcos – a third-party ISP – bring the Internet to these previously untouched areas. It's an expansion model made possible through Business Connexion's mainframe-based enterprise cloud strategy. And looking forward, Business Connexion will rely on the mainframe as a "conduit into Africa" and beyond.

Africa is challenged in so many ways — lack of infrastructure, social disease, war — they are the challenges that most continents don’t have. Everything that comes out of Africa is almost impossible — we wanted to make the impossible possible through technology.

Benjamin Mophatlane, CEO, Business Connexion

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