IBM Software Order Tracking

This service has been replaced with the following options:

Entitled Software orders

For IBM Entitled software orders (10 character order number, e.g. '1234567890'), please track your orders with the Integrated Order Status/Order Status Online tool.

If tracking information for your order is not available yet, the order is still in production, and tracking information will become available as soon as the package(s) depart from IBM.

To track multiple orders in IOS/OSOL, please track each order in sequence.

Software fixes (PTFs)

For software fixes (PTFs)


Publications center orders

For Publications Center orders, (6 characters e.g. 'Inxxxx'), please return to the Publications site and contact Customer Support about your shipment via the navigation bar.

IBM employees should use the internal Software Order Tracking application.

IBM business partners may obtain the status of their orders by contacting WW customer support supplying the order numbers:

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