for mobile services

The right IT infrastructure can handle mobile services outside the data center. Compose and expose APIs. Integrate across enterprise IT and hybrid clouds to unlock new value.

Integrate core business data with mobile services.

for analytics services

Quickly capture a flood of data and efficiently place it in the most optimal location. Process it in real time with systems designed for analytics to deliver real-time insights.

Create new business opportunities with a real-time-analytics IT infrastructure.

for service predictability

Infrastructure with the right design and management capabilities can help you achieve unmatched service levels, reliability and availability in an unpredictable world.

High availability IT infrastructure

CTO perspective

Infrastructure tuned for the Cognitive Era


API integration unleashes mobile developers to create apps.

Convert to an API economy

With the industry’s most robust API management integration platform, IBM helps companies innovate securely.


Accelerate real-time decisions with a real-time analytics infrastructure

Profit from data in near real-time

Quintillions of data bits are generated every day. IBM systems help companies take advantage with analytics services.


A high availability infrastructure for continuous operations

Anticipate the future

Earthquake-proof systems. Middleware that detects, automates and solves problems. Always-on operations.

What’s new in IBM Systems


Check out what’s trending in IBM Systems

The role of IT infrastructure in the new era of cognitive business.

Digital revolution demands cognitive technologies and thinking

The digital revolution is redefining the future, laying the foundation for a new era of cognitive business. IBM Systems understands that cognitive technologies and thinking are essential to driving economies, businesses and progress forward.

How your IT can reason and learn.

Is your IT infrastructure ready for the cognitive era?

Modern IT leaders must continue to be trusted service providers for the enterprise, enabling new services and business models by mastering hybrid cloud for digital transformation.

But once all businesses are digital, how do you differentiate and build unique competitive advantage?

How to optimize your IT infrastructure to support advanced cognitive applications

Plan in a vacuum; exist in a windstorm

Planning to embrace new technologies in real-world scenarios rather than the pristine vacuums we wish they were in makes sense. Your choice of infrastructure either makes this problem easier to solve – or nearly impossible to manage.

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