Securely opening up

Integrate business systems and data with secure hybrid cloud infrastructure

Enterprise innovation is no longer defined strictly by in-house resources. Today, you must integrate your cloud services with traditional IT to connect partners and systems in a secure hybrid cloud environment. IBM delivers IT infrastructure built for hybrid cloud. This allows you to securely integrate and connect with emerging digital, mobile, social and internet of things (IoT) environments.

Controlled iteration at scale

Develop, implement and iterate on a scaleable hybrid cloud infrastructure

Sustainable success comes from product and service improvements driven by IT infrastructure. So as your enterprise and your partnerships expand, your cloud platform must grow without negatively impacting operational capabilities, performance or ongoing innovation. IBM hybrid cloud infrastructure provides the architecture to maintain a DevOps culture while growing to cloud scale.

Extend system and data value with a scaleable, secure and open cloud platform

More than ever, innovation requires working outside enterprise boundaries. That demands secure cloud technology. And your cloud infrastructure must support the agile environment. An IBM hybrid cloud environment can help integrate your partners and your systems while supporting iterative DevOps processes as your IT infrastructure grows. With IBM hybrid cloud infrastructure, you gain:

  • Core business integration with new digital channels
  • Enhanced security at all levels from chip to systems
  • Maximum scalability across your hybrid cloud
  • Lightning-fast transaction response times
  • Enterprise DevOps tools for agile development

Hybrid cloud opens up a world of possibilities.

Raj Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Go Moment

IBM infrastructure helps create a society without barriers

Vodaphone Spain

At the heart of smarter cities, cloud technology enables a paradigm shift for public services. Vodaphone Spain relies on IBM infrastructure to connect city, citizen and new IoT services – increasing efficiency while improving quality of life.

IT infrastructure assessment

Do you have what it takes to compete as a cognitive business? Take our assessment to find out.

  • Get insight and action steps to help you compete effectively and successfully deliver in the cognitive era.
  • Learn how to shift from operations management to stimulating innovation – with infrastructure built for cognitive business.

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