Design for cognitive business

  • Accelerate your insights with cognitive computing that’s designed for complex analytics and machine learning.
  • Capture large volumes and wide varieties of data—and place data and applications in the right place at the right time.
Image of man working with a cognitive I T infrastructure.

Build with collaborative innovation

  • Embrace open innovation with open architectures and ecosystems that slash solution time-to-market.
  • Optimize your business services by choosing your platforms, runtimes and deployment models on purposeful architectures.
Image of two I T professionals.

Deliver through cloud platform

  • Protect sensitive assets while connecting business systems and data with your hybrid cloud using built-in, enhanced security.
  • Support business services at scale with microsecond response times, while developing and iterating at speed.
Image of a V P of I T infrastructure.

Architecting the future of cognitive business

IBM gives you the power to design, build, and deliver…anything

Cognitive insights in the cloud, on premise, or both

A special analyst report on IT infrastructure for cognitive workloads

Fitting the platform to the application

Learn more about the demands placed on today’s IT infrastructure for cognitive workloads.

Do you have the right infrastructure to build a cognitive business?

Identify your organization’s cognitive strengths

What’s new — IBM IT infrastructure

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Why is LinuxONE better than x86 for your data center? 65% cost savings.1

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Meet the all-new IBM z13s

Meet the all-new IBM z13s. Built for hybrid cloud and the constantly evolving security landscape to help simplify and improve security in a smaller package.

The IT infrastructure has never been more important.

IBM report says successful IT organizations will be those that create a flexible infrastructure and get systems to work together.


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Paulo Carvao

Competing in the connected economy

Success in the connected economy requires technology executives focus on six key areas. Find out what they are, and how you can learn even more about them.

Join IT heroes at IBM Edge 2016

Go beyond infrastructure

In the cognitive era, leading requires current knowledge. Edge 2016 is your one stop to learn the latest about cognitive computing, open innovation and hybrid cloud.

IT Leaders are the architects of the future

The role of IT has changed – forever

Business executives now expect IT leaders to be business innovators. This means you must embrace cognitive technology to deliver insights at the speed of thought.

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