API integration bridges existing application strategies
and future cloud and mobile apps

As you build and compose business services, integrate APIs across ecosystems, and prepare for the future of cognitive business, you have to think about scalability and security. How do you deliver mobile integration in a hybrid cloud?

  • Open APIs unleash and amplify your core assets. Identify which process models and approaches differentiate you in your industry. Unlock new value through mobile interactions.
  • Maximum scalability enables you to exceed customer expectations. Take full advantage of your investments to deliver continuous service without interruption with hardware and middleware designed for mobile.
  • Security designed in at all levels to protect transactions. Encrypt data at massive scale, and isolate users and applications. Decide who can, and can’t, walk through the open door when you expose APIs.

API integration at work

A telecommunications firm delivers core services and an operations centre infrastructure to local governments. The platform must provide:

  • Single view of all city data with real-time visibility into performance
  • Secure data access to a broad set of ecosystem partners unique to each city
  • Easy way for partners and developers to discover key data assets to quickly build solutions

Using IBM Systems, the firm’s customers can optimise processes, improve decision making and advance citizen-facing services.

Featured solutions

IBM API economy

APIs are the building blocks for transformation and more compelling customer experiences.


Robust messaging middleware speeds the integration of applications and data across multiple platforms.

IBM Storage security

Protect against theft or accidental loss with storage solutions designed to encrypt data automatically.

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