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Understanding IBM's strategy and business performance


IR viewpoint articles are commentary, missives and other items of interest to aid in understanding IBM's positions and strategy.

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IR viewpoint articles

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IR corner articles
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Software acquisitions key
Each acquisition fits into IBM's overall growth strategy of seizing new opportunities to increase share in fast-growing market segments and create high value for clients
23 Mar 2005
Microprocessors and systems development
As chips become more specialized, design innovation is becoming the arbiter of economic value and market performance. This is rewriting the rules of competition. The future is wide open.
08 Jun 2005
Supply chain transformation
Supply chain transformation - The strongest link - IBM launches a new BTO offering
24 Jun 2005
A renewed era
A renewed era, the reliable, available, scalable mainframe
26 Jul 2005
Business Performance Transformation Services
Business Performance Transformation Services -The business-process revolution
24 Aug 2005
Enterprise applications business
The enterprise applications business remains extremely diverse. It is not uncommon for large companies to run thousands of different applications made by hundreds of separate Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).
28 Sep 2005
BPTS : Engineering & Technology Services
Understanding BPTS: Engineering & Technology Services - A new model for creating value in a commoditizing world
23 Nov 2005
Reforming healthcare
IBM is heading a consortium of healthcare and health information technology organizations to develop this 21st century healthcare network
07 Feb 2006
Government in an era of transformational opportunity
IBM is helping governments integrate and innovate their business processes, change their organizational models and culture, and modernize their IT infrastructure .
09 May 2006
IBM Investor forum: Global delivery
In this IBM Investor Forum podcast Bob Moffat, IBM's senior vice president for integrated operations, shares some of IBM's experiences in its own transformation, and how global delivery is expected to drive IBM's productivity growth.
05 Jun 2006
IBM Investor forum: Evolution of services
IBM Investor Relations presents IBM Investor Forum, a portable audio series featuring critical investor issues facing IBM and its clients .
05 Dec 2007
IBM to provide historical data in preparation of 2009 accounting and reporting changes
March 2009 Portal
31 Mar 2009
IBM's Watson
Story on Jeopardy - links to NY Times and YouTube
18 Jun 2010

1 - 13 of 13 results