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IBM Investor forum: Global delivery

IBM Investor Relations presents IBM Investor Forum, a portable audio series featuring senior IBM executives discussing critical investor issues facing IBM and its clients and selected financial and SEC related announcements of interest to IBM investors and analysts.

Global delivery

Global delivery remains a surprisingly poorly-understood concept. Services organizations that want to truly operate on a global level will need a common taxonomy of skills, a cataloguing of services and components, visibility into their worldwide labor pool, and a clear-eyed view of standardized processes to understand where automation delivers the most value. In this IBM Investor Forum podcast Bob Moffat, IBM's senior vice president for integrated operations, shares some of IBM's experiences in its own transformation, and how global delivery is expected to drive IBM's productivity growth.

Listen to this episode - IBM Global Delivery (00:10:00)

Hosted by: Ben Edwards / Guests: Bob Moffat (Senior Vice President , Integrated Operations, IBM )