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To download and print forms to assist in managing your stockholder account.

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Transfer of ownership form

Also known as the "Stock Power" form and is used for:

  1. the transfer of shares in certificate form to a new stock holder;
  2. the re-registration of shares due to marriage or any other legal name change;
  3. the transfer of shares held in joint tenancy to the survivor in the event of death of one of the joint tenants.

Brokerage authorization form

Authorizes the transfer agent (Computershare in the case of IBM) to maintain your Broker/Dealer account on your behalf.

Affidavit of residence form

This form, when notarized by a Notary Public, is used to transfer the stock of deceased stockholders.

IRS W9 form (Request for taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)

This form is used to change or certify your social security or taxpayer identification number.

IRS W8 form (Certification of foreign status)

This form is used by foreign (non-U.S citizens or non-U.S residents) holders of U.S stock to claim an exception from U.S. information return reporting and/or backup withholding rules.