Smarter engineering solutions for the telecommunications industry

In a crowded, rapidly changing marketplace, communication service providers must constantly find new ways to satisfy their customers. At the same time IoT offers many opportunities for developing new business models and technical solutions.

IBM IoT continuous engineering solutions can help you take control of the complexity that often comes with IoT development, offering agility at scale that can span both the development lifecycle and diverse development organizations.

IBM solutions help you deliver innovative consumer services by accelerating application delivery, building smarter networks, and optimizing processes and operations.

Gartner press release

"Gartner says

6.4 billion

connected "Things" will be in use in 2016, up 30% from 2015."

November 10 2015*


IBM IoT continuous engineering solutions for telecommunications

Agile requirements management, quality management, collaborative workflow management, change and configuration management, and more for the telecommunications industry.

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With IBM IoT continuous engineering solutions for telecommunications, you can:

Accelerate application and service delivery

Obtain full traceability of your service development from concept to deployment to ensure compliance.

Build and evolve network systems

Build the next generation of networks that embrace the complexities of modern day systems.

Optimize processes and operations

Establish a stronger foundation for resilient services.


Case study

Turkish telecom operator Avea reduces deployment time from four hours to ten minutes.


Avea wanted to improve its time to market and increase software quality by implementing a standard set of integrated development tools for the entire organization.

Using IBM products, Avea decreased versioning and deployment problems by approximately 30 percent and decreased deployment time for middleware services from four hours to ten minutes.

Agile network DevOps

Telecommunications is transforming from a hardware-based infrastructure to cloud-based virtual networking, enabling flexibility and innovation while cutting costs. IBM IoT continuous engineering solutions are key to the IBM cloud-based networking solution and provide agile and DevOps practices, tool automation and services to transform software and systems development.

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Agility at scale

Agility throughout the enterprise is key to meeting the challenges of the IoT and network virtualization, helping you to respond to changing business and marketplace needs and to deliver value quickly. IBM IoT continuous engineering solutions can help you apply the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) to adopt agile and lean thinking across your organization.

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